Q: When does ATK no longer have Kimball on its shows?

A: As you may know, TV shows are taped almost a year in advance. New shows with our new hosts, Bridget and Julia, will begin running in early 2017. We’re excited and hope you are too!

Q: Didn’t Kimball start America’s Test Kitchen?

A: No. ATK’s predecessor was founded by ATK board member and partner, Eliot Wadsworth, in approximately 1990. Mr. Wadsworth hired Kimball. Despite representing himself to be “the founder” of ATK, Kimball never personally invested any money in ATK or any of its predecessors.

Q: Didn’t America’s Test Kitchen fire Kimball?

A: No. ATK had no intention of replacing Kimball. ATK wished to install a management team to run the day-to-day operations of the company (Kimball himself has admitted that he does not enjoy the operational side of ATK) while Kimball maintained creative control of the company and its direction. ATK made numerous attempts to retain Kimball. Nonetheless, in September 2015, Kimball declared to ATK’s employees that he had been fired (which was untrue) and secretly continued to plot a rival business. When, in November 2015, ATK discovered that Kimball was soliciting ATK employees and establishing a new business, it had no choice but to terminate his employment. Kimball remains a limited partner.

Q: What’s wrong with Kimball starting a new venture?

A: This case is not about too many cooks in the kitchen. It is not about legitimate competition. This is illegitimate competition that started under our roof while Kimball was being paid by ATK and ATK was being assured by Kimball he would continue in his role. Despite these assurances, Kimball poached our employees, usurped our relationships with vendors and underwriters, and took proprietary information, all in service of building a business that copies ATK. It comes down to this: Kimball violated the trust that ATK placed in him to create a competitor of ATK by using ATK’s property and assets as its foundation.

Q: What does America’s Test Kitchen hope to achieve in this lawsuit?

A: ATK seeks to protect the work and the brand of ATK, as well as the employees whose livelihoods depend on ATK, as well as recover any financial damage it has and will suffer.

Q: What kind of financial harm has America’s Test Kitchen suffered as a result of Kimball’s new business?

A: Kimball has caused ATK financial harm in the form of soliciting ATK’s employees, taking its confidential information, interfering with key business relationships and misappropriating ATK’s business. This harm includes both the money ATK needed to spend to address and mitigate Kimball’s damage as well as lost profits.

Q: Why is America’s Test Kitchen naming other people in the complaint?

A: ATK did not make this decision lightly. But it has become clear to ATK that other former ATK employees and representatives assisted Kimball’s misdeeds, including his wife, Ms. Baldino, executive assistant, Ms. Gordon, and ATK publicist, Ms. Broide. Together, this group of people took things that are at the very heart of ATK’s business – recipes, media and marketing lists, production know-how, staff. We have to protect the company and its staff, and we also have to hold people accountable for actions that harm our company.